raf upwood | the usaf have left the building

We entered the “bunker” – it was cold and very, very dark. I took this last shot looking along the annex corridor to the SSQ, the last shot using natural sunlight. I got my torch and we ventured further.

This isn’t a “bunker”. It isn’t some form of Operations Block – given it huge earth traverses. We were about to enter the Gas Decontamination Building. Backwards.

The steel door was an airlock in case the airfield was enveloped in gas.

The use of gas as a weapon was outlawed in 1925, but the RAF were not taking any chances. In the event of a gas attack, it was vital to get out of all contaminated clothing, shower, and change into new clothes as quickly as possible. The sick or very contaminated could then be transferred to the SSQ – hence it being connected to this Gas Decontamination Building – those successfully treated could exit via the door we entered through.

And we’re walking through it the ‘wrong way’. Never mind.

© 2002 | Simon Cornwell