raf wyton photographic factory | and there it was on page 24

Suddenly I heard a noise which made me stop in my tracks. Against the banging of loose doors in the slight wind, and the rhythmic dripping of water from broken guttering and skylights, was the unmistakeable noise of another person inside the building. The crunch of broken fluorescent tubes and building debris underfoot was a classic, instantly recognisable noise within derelict buildings and one which Id just heard from the other end of the corridor.

Luckily I was close to one of the exterior doors and so gingerly crept out into the warm sunlight. I had arranged to meet Tom here, and hed warned me that hed be late, but I always assumed Id hear the throaty roar of his Capri when he arrived, so would be forewarned and prepared. (In fact, Id been keeping an ear out for it). So I wasnt sure if it was him or not.

Cleared and widened access road. View from the Photographic Factory to the main road, new roundabout and discretely parked car. © Simon Cornwell 2009