raf wyton photographic factory | and there it was on page 24

I decided to photograph some extra exteriors whilst making a fair bit of noise. If the intruder was legit then I would probably be challenged, but Id rather be outside the building than inside. If they were trespassing like myself, then they would assume I was legit (due but the amount of noise I was making) and probably make themselves scarce or introduce themselves. The noises inside the building ceased, and then started again, with the footfalls of someone walking directly towards the door where I was standing.

Tom poked his head out of the door. "There you are. Where have you been? Ive been here ten minutes" he said. Obviously Id missed him walking down the road, or the Capri was uncharacteristically quiet (perhaps something equally loud took off at RAF Wyton and thus masked the noise): whatever the reason, I was surprised (and relieved) to find him there.

His assessment of the buildings was brief: "Cool, but wrecked." Thieves and vandals had many years of uninterrupted access to the buildings and the whole complex was approaching the level of a modern ruin. The vandals had smashed so many fixtures and fittings that they were now resorting to pushing bricks out of the walls from the roof; it wasnt vandalism, but extremely slow demolition.

Covered loading bay in the southern courtyard. © Simon Cornwell 2008