raf wyton | photographing the photography

The view from the windows, looking back to the corridor. Sadly, everything was in a bad state of repair, with the spanner set (white box to the left) being the saddest looking artifact. Note also the huge ventilation ducts. These cross the whole building, to finally merge into the biggest ventilation duct Iíd ever seen, which then exited into the chimney.

So, thatís why they needed the big chimney. To lose those nasty photographic chemical fumes.

Incidentally, the vandals, being mindless, had also chipped away at the asbestos over the piping over the door. Well-done chaps. All the hot water piping in the site is clad in asbestos and numerous warnings are plastered over the pipe work or the exterior of the building.

The site was damp and not dusty. Most of the pipe work (with the exception of this room) was further hidden by wooden boarding. But we swiftly exited stage left.