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18|05|02 & 18|10|07

Old chairs, bins and a couple of teletype machines were piled outside, creating a little homely scene outside the building. That’s a homely scene if you’re happy sitting in relative comfort around broken glass.

(The teletypes were modern plastic junk. Nothing classy or old here.)

This appeared to be the tradesman entrance, or back passage (ahem), with large doors opening to the left (off shot). However, we could fail but be invited into the building by that welcoming open door.

Onwards and into the hidden depths!

2008: The chairs and bin had gone, destined for the skip. The metal railing, downpipes and hoppers had all gone to the scrap yard. The exterior bulkhead light was now smashed and the final boarding has been mostly kicked away. (An archive picture of the building shows it totally boarded up – all has been removed).