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18|05|02 & 18|10|07

Almost every time Iíve been exploring, the first room encountered is usually the toilet.

So, now Iím here, how do the facilities match up?

Well, this toilet hasnít seen any Domestos for quite a time, and the roof threatens to surprise any user. But I liked this toilet for the simple, handwritten sign taped to the door: "Out Of Order".

I left the sign there, so that other visitors would be similarly warned.

2008: Someoneís since removed the ďOut Of OrderĒ sign. However, Iím now struck by the organisation of the building, with social and personal facilities being grouped in this north-south wing, with the rest of the building devoted to film development.

There will be more of these observations, and a far better map, in the forthcoming new write-up.