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18|05|02 & 18|10|07

Now remember that door at the front of the building, the one that was flanked by four windows, but I didnít think was the main entrance? Well here we are, and hereís the first evidence of this sitesí use.

Welcome to the main photographic development room. Firstly the lower half of all the windows are blacked out, but that isnít really apparent from the shot, as most of them are broken. Blinds hang from crazy angles over the rest.

Holes in the floor suggested sinks were installed. No sign of these now, except pipes with stagnant water in them.

All the doors have been ripped off the six smaller rooms around this one. These are the actual development rooms. Letís take a brief look.

"...I may think of other things, such as the morning when we were all assembled in the main hall (the one with the dark rooms all down one side) to view the first ever Infra Red night photo of the total British Isles, taken by one of Wytons V bombers (I think it was a Valiant) of 543 squadron, then based at Wyton."

"And the numerous times after a good night at The Dun Cow in St Ives when we put hangover sufferers into a dark room, switched on the red (room occupied) light and left them in there for as long as it took to sleep the thing away." - George

2008: The last panes of blackened glass have been smashed away, but the room remains in much the same state as it was before.