mount wellington | plan b

The local kids initially seemed quite apologetic about the state they’d left the place in. This was the first time I’d seen such sentiments and thoughts written to a building’s owners. A nice change.

After seeing the booby-trap left in the Mill Building (a slab of concrete ready to be released by cutting a rope) I’d started to lose my affection for them.

"And by the way, that booby trap bit of concrete is actually a bit of wood I put there - a 'ladder' made out of two of those flimsy conduit things (now part of the barrier across the doorway) used to go up through that hole in the floor. I put the bit of wood through under the top rung and tied it so that if the ladder gave way it would still hang and I wouldn't fall!" - Griffin

And the sheep-shagging picture was just the icing on the cake: bloody, little vandals.