wheal jane | no feed, no water, no chance

A well of water caught my attention. It wasnít like the puddles of red muddy muck which oozed over the site; there was something slightly odd, and perhaps, dangerous about the pool in front of me. I climbed onto a catwalk, intrigued by the odd sight.

However, despite curiosity, I was still cautious. And it paid, because the catwalk was severely corroded and treacherous; it was barely functional and full of corroded holes. Donít stand too close to the edge!

I peered over and pondered the view. I soon realised what bothered me about the scene in front of me. Fluorescent lighting, bolted to the supporting girder, plunged into the abyss; other lights previously suspended in air were now floating in water. Was this the pit? Was this innocuous pool of water hiding a hole hundreds of feet deep? Worrying!