wheal jane | no feed, no water, no chance

The drop from the catwalk next to the instrumentation panels was quite impressive.

"The Mine did shut in 1991 and the majority of buildings were left to decay which led to the minewater and enviromental problems by 1994. The ore Prep building (the only one worth exploring now) remained in use until 1998 as a grading plant for South Crofty Mine. The ore was presumably brought in by road as there doesn't appear to be a rail spur there. When South Crofty stopped production the majority of work at Wheal Jane stopped too." - Reaperman

As it got darker, we noticed that part of the area by the offices remained light. This needed investigation and we soon discovered a lone, emergency bulkhead light which was lit. This pondered the question of how much of the rest of the site was live; or could be made live if someone started playing with switches.

Wed noticed a transformer outside which was alive and humming as wed passed it. It would appear that Wheal Jane wasnt as dead as wed realised; and it was a good reminder that electrical equipment should be treated with respect, as it could still be live.