wheal jane | no feed, no water, no chance

When Plan A fell through, and Plan B was the ill researched Mount Wellington, I also had a Plan C. This amounted to little more than a poor resolution Multi-Map print where a mine was marked as “Disused”. But after mooching around Mount Wellington for a while, we decided to push onto this new location, and make the last of the light.

Little did we know that Wheal Jane would be far more impressive, and a much better explore than Mount Wellington. And with the rain starting to come down, the wind whipping up, and the sky getting darker by the second, we ventured across a Cornish field towards a set of square, run-down buildings.

(NB Information on the mines of Cornwall is sketchy, and all available sources tend to contradict each other. Even the opening and closing dates differ between websites. Therefore if you can help correct this tour, then please e-mail me.)

(Note: larger sized pictures are available. E-mail me if you require them.)