Last update: 09|03|13

Here are some miscellaneous bits and pieces that don’t strictly belong under the banner of urban exploration.

Since the launch of this website, the media have been constantly interested. Here's the list of newspapers, magazines, periodicals, radio shows and TV shows which have all featured urbex|uk in some way.

The Asylum List
This is a list of all the Victorian and Edwardian asylums constructed within the UK – the so-called ‘Water Tower’ hospitals. Compiled from a variety of sources, I was looking for alternatives to the ‘Cult Of Cane Hill’.

The Asylum Architects
I'm just going to concentrate on two: brief bios and a list of asylums by CH Howell and GT Hine.

The Independent Photo Shoot
Some lovely photographs taken by a professional photographer for a change.

Literally taken, these wallpapers are the sort you wouldn't want on your desktop.

Testing The Camera
I've recently (as of September 2004) bought a new digital camera. So, off to a nice safe location, to take some pictures of the UK's most famous ruin.

Ghost Pictures
Whilst exploring, other explorers and I have often taken ‘weird’ pictures with strange effects that defy reproduction. Some would say that these mists and orbs are simple camera effects and atmospheric conditions. Others argue that they are indicative of ghostly presences. I keep an open mind on this, but here’s a collection of the strange images captured.

Video And DVD Reviews
Documentaries and films featuring some of the locations featured on this site. Mostly asylums. And mostly horror films. You have been warned!

Some further reading of the dead tree variety which is mainly further information about hospitals and asylums.