aldington | open prison

Moving onto more typical wards, we explored Dover Dorm, one of many to the east of the site. Arranged in parallel with its neighbours, the single storey Dover Dorm was surrounded by lush vegetation and mature trees. The grass would’ve been kept moved during the lifetime of the prison, but the trees were obviously a problem, as the necklace of barbed wire around the trunk of one tree showed.

Communal toilets were provided for each dorm (this time without spy holes - far more civil than the toilet in the reception buildings).

Each dorm featured a narrow central corridor with cells on either side of the building.

Cells were small. There was just enough room for a bed and walking space. A notice board was supplied for pin-ups, letters, cards etc.

At each end of the ward, the corridor lead out into the outside world. Or rather, they lead out onto a view of the perimeter fence.

Some of the prisoners' artwork remained, either pinned to a notice board, or in this case, pinned to the back of the door.

Or, in many cases, good ol' fashioned pornography could be found plastered over notice boards or arranged on the backs of doors.

We were now exploring Deal Dorm, one of the more interesting of the site. Set apart from the other dormitories, it occupied space next to Admin and the Gymnasium. The occupants of Deal had more privileges than other prisoners; posters could be put anywhere in their rooms, they had their own communal area and it was less claustrophobic than the other dormitories.

And strangely, there was also far more porn in this dormitory.