aldington | open prison

Options for training and leisure were supplied at the prison, and about a third of the buildings on the site were devoted to these pursuits.

Half of Hythe Dorm was used as this communal area. Little remained to suggest what it was used for.

But it was to the south of the site where the main workshops could be found. Divided into two separate workshops, and a covered courtyard, the workshops obviously supplied training in woodwork, metalwork and operating machinery.

The polycarbonate roofing of the covered courtyard had discoloured over the years, and it filtered the sunlight, giving everything an unnatural brown colour.

Further amusement could be found by trudging back through the warren of passageways towards the Association rooms.

From this old pool scoreboard (nice nudey woman by the way), it became apparent that the Association room was used for pool, board games, sketching naked women and other worthwhile pursuits.

(I guess the Monopoly board originally strayed from here).

Moving back south across the site, more leisure pursuits could be found including the Gynmasium.

This fully equipped gym allowed the inmates plenty of exercise. The state sponsored graffiti "Determination + Effort = Success", rendered in a go-faster italic font to emphasise its dynamism, is unusually grating in its offensive simplicity.

Further south, the classrooms formed one side of the eerie brown courtyard, the weird monochromatic light making art classes particularly impossible.