aldington | open prison

Despite being closed for several years, many of the buildings were still in good condition with little signs of water ingress or rot. However, this was not the case around the kitchen, dining room and baths and sanitaries where water had penetrated and paint was peeling from the walls.

There were no showers on the dormitories and prisoners had to cleanse in the communal bath and sanitaries area. It was oddly positioned within the complex near the end of the dormitory sections and adjacent to the kitchens and dining rooms.

It was the most stripped part of the prison with little left.

No jokes about the soap please.

The kitchen was totally bare, and the setting sun struck the tiles with an odd red tinge.

All the the cutlery was hung on the wall, with silhouettes provided a key to what went where. If anything was missing then it would be immediately spotted.

Obviously the chef was a wag and always took time to promote “National Eating Out Week.” No doubt the prisoners cracked ribs laughing at his merry jokes.

The dining room was a bleak, dark, cold place. This wasn’t helped by the huge bushes growing outside, but it was one room we were glad to be outside of.