This small pamphlet was issued to all patients arriving at the hospital. It served as an orientation, telling the patient what facilities were available, where they were, and described various important procedures (such as being discharged).

Rusting, mouldy copies could be found scattered around the complex, particularly in Administration.

Some copies were older than others and differed slightly with respect to the available facilities. This was most noticeable on the schematic map of the hospital which was printed on its centre pages.

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The purpose of this handbook is to tell clients, relatives and friends, something about Cane Hill; how things are done and who does them. We want you to be happy and comfortable during your stay here and we hope that you will soon adapt to your new surroundings, and feel at home. If you need any further information after reading this handbook please contact either the Ward Manager or the Hospital Manager's Office.

The Hospital's full postal address is as follows, and all correspondence should be addressed, with the ward name, to this address to ensure that you will receive it.



Telephone: DOWNLAND (07375) 52221

There are telephone extensions to all wards and nursing offices.


Cane Hill is due to be closed as a result of transfer of the service to the local community. Changes will be made from time to time in order to maintain viability of all services.

Patients will be sensitively handled during this time to avoid unnecessary disruption and relatives will be consulted about any proposed changes.


The Hospital is served by two mainline stations which are: Coulsdon South (Victoria and London Bridge every half hour), Smitham (Charing Cross via Waterloo, London Bridge and East Croydon.

The Hospital is on both London and Country Bus Routes which are:-

Nos. 190, 166 and 50 (Red Bus) stop in the High Street. 12a, Sundays only.
Nos. 405 and 414 (Green Line) stop in the High Street.

Special Transport Arrangements

The Hospital provides a bus service up and down the length of the drive with various pick up/set down points. This service runs from:

6.00 a m. - 9.30 a.m.
12 noon - 2.10 p.m.
2.30 p.m. - 2.45 p.m.
4.00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.
6.50 p m. - 9.30 p m.

This bus is available to all visitors, clients and staff. Special transport arrangements can be made through Voluntary Services Department who supervise bookings and use of the minibus.

Car Parking

We would advise you to leave your car at home as there are only limited car parking facilities within the hospital. If you have visitors who need to bring a car onto the grounds they will easily find a parking space.


Day and Night-time clothes, plus toiletries.

All items of clothing will be marked by the Hospital if not to be taken home by the relative.

If applicable: Dentures, Spectacles, Hearing Aids, Surgical Appliances and Reading/Writing Materials, change for telephone and stamps.

Please bring with you any drugs that you are taking at the time. When you are discharged medication will be given to you although it may not be the same as when you came in.

Any drugs you bring into the ward on admission and thereafter must be handed in to the nurse in charge. The only drugs you take are those prescribed by your Doctor in hospital.


You are strongly advised not to bring or use any electrical equipment of your own. If in exceptional circumstances you need to use a specific item, the Engineers Department will need to check it first.

The drinking of alcohol whilst an in-patient (on or off ward) is strictly prohibited.


As the Health Authority cannot accept responsibility for loss of personal property it is advisable not to bring valuables or an excess of money into the Hospital. If you find it necessary to bring valuables the Ward Manager will deposit them into the Hospital safe and issue you with a receipt. Money will be paid into the Hospital safe.


There is one delivery of incoming mail on weekdays and Saturdays.

If, during your stay, you wish to send any post there is a mailbox situated in the Front Hall. Stamps may be purchased from the Patients' Bank.


This group exists to help the hospital in every way they can as a voluntary body and you will see the results of their work and fund raising efforts all over the hospital. They are particularly important in providing a vehicle for patient outings. They are also very evident at Christmas in providing entertainments, gifts and other comforts for clients.

The Visitors and Friends organise an annual open day which is attended by the Mayors of Bromley, Croydon, Lambeth and Lewisham. Exhibitions of patients' work and care initiatives provide a day of pride for staff and clients.


Main meals are cooked in the Central Kitchen and delivered by heated trollies to each ward. Mid morning tea, afternoon tea and hot drinks are prepared in the wards.

As a guide meals are served at the following times:

Breakfast: 07.45-08.30
Tea/Coffee: 10.00-11.00
Lunch: 12.30-13.15
Afternoon Tea: 16.00
Supper: 17.45-18.30
Hot Drink: 21.00-22.00

Meal times vary slightly in each Ward.

In addition to those diets prescribed by the Hospital Dietician, patients with particular needs, whether for religious or personal reasons may request special diets.

Relatives and friends may also use the Staff Dining Room which is open 7 days a week from 06.30-18.30, there are also vending machines for the provision of food and beverages.


For the benefit of patients and relatives there is a modern fashion shop, which by its very name suggests you can purchase all the clothes a patient needs, and at a very low cost.

All the clothing sold in the boutique conforms laundry requirements.

Times of Opening:
Monday-Friday: 09.30-12.30 and 13.30-15.00

Visitors and relatives, are always welcome to visit.


As stated elsewhere in this booklet, the hospital cannot be responsible for any personal property retained by patients in the ward. This includes money. You are. therefore, advised to deposit into the patients' bank any cash in excess of your immediate needs. You will be given a personal bank account and you may draw from the account as required. National Insurance benefits or other sums of money received may also be deposited in your account. The Bank is open Monday to Friday 09.30-12.30.

The Patients' Finance Officer, situated in the Patients' Bank is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday to see relatives and help with any queries they may have from 14.15 to 16.30.


In the interest of patient and hospital security all visitors are to report to reception where they will be asked to sign in and be given a visitors pass.

Before visiting you are advised to contact the Ward Manager as to a convenient time when your relative/friend will be in the Ward. The duration of your visit will depend on how well the patient is. The duration of the visit is left to the discretion of the Ward Manager.

It would also be nice if you and your visitor visit the Pop-In Social Centre which is open every morning except Saturdays and Sundays.

Gifts to patients

Flowers are always welcome. If your visitors wish to send or bring food or drink, the Ward Manager will tell you what is advisable. Patients are not permitted to receive gifts of alcohol.

Members of staff are not permitted to accept gifts. If you wish to make the hospital a gift contact the Hospital Manager's Department who will be able to advise you.


The doctor may prescribe medication for you. This may include the taking of tablets, liquid preparations and injections. We advise you to talk to your doctor about the medicines you are having. He or she can then tell you why you need them, what effects you will notice and possible side effects to be aware of. The nurses on your ward are able to answer any questions and they have some leaflets and books on medicines to provide you with more information.


If you are detained under a Section of the Mental Health Act, your doctor would explain to you the reason for your detention, the type of treatment you will undergo and the duration of the Section. A member of staff will see you and explain your rights, as defined in the Mental Health Act.

If you have any queries the nurse in charge of your ward will advise you.

The Mental Health Act Commission monitor the administration and implementation of the Act and, if you have any complaints you wish to draw to their attention, they can be contacted at:

    Floors 1 and 2,
    Hepburn House,
    Marsharn Street,
    London SW1


There is a Recreations Manager who will provide a range of activities. There is also a Patients' Social Club ("Pop-In"), open 8.15-13.00 every day and 2-3 afternoon sessions per week. The Pop-In also holds an afternoon session for the elderly on certain Saturdays of the month. There is a well stocked Patients ' Lending Library where you may sit and read, look at the topical displays, listen to music, read newspapers, magazines and listen to talking newspapers. There are also ward rounds to distribute books and magazines.


There is a Hospital Shop which is open every weekday from 08.30 to 13.00 where you may purchase sweets, newspapers, toiletries and cigarettes. Tea and light refreshments may also be obtained.


A beautician visits the Hospital on Monday and Friday from 08.30-12.00, and every Wednesday from 09.00-12.00 and 13.30-16.00. Ward staff will arrange an appointment on request.


Some wards have laundry facilities which you may use. Alternatively your family can take your clothing home for cleaning. All clothing must be marked by the Hospital. The service provided by the Hospital laundry cannot be compared to that of a Domestic laundry as personal clothing is dry folded.


Throughout your stay you will be under the care of a Consultant Psychiatrist and his team. If you have any worries about your treatment or progress do not hesitate to ask your Doctor or Ward Manager who are prepared to listen and help.

  1. Staff can he identified by their name badges. The DNS has overall responsibility for the Unit.
  2. Senior Nursing Officers are responsible for a group of wards.
  3. Ward Manager is responsible for an individual ward.

Staff Nurse is a Registered Mental Nurse who, in the Ward Manager's absence may be in charge of the Ward.

State Enrolled Nurse is a qualified Nurse who supports the staff and Ward Manager in the Ward Team and sometimes may be in charge of a ward.

Student Nurses are undergoing a training course (three years) to become State Registered Nurses.

Nursing Assistants assist the trained nurses in providing care. Domestic Assistants are assigned to individual wards and are responsible for cleaning and general duties.


The Occupational Therapist is concerned with treatment programmes with a view to a return to the community or maintaining levels of functioning for as long as possible. Various types of activities are used in these programmes which may include arts and crafts, music, singing, dancing and activities such as self-care and personal appearance which are geared toward greater independence. After discharge follow-up visits are made by the therapist wherever necessary.


This is a specialist service providing flexible opportunities to participate in occupational and recreational activities aimed at improving clients' physical and social skills. A wide ranging programme is always on offer.


The Social Work Department operates a daily duty system in order to meet the needs of patients and relatives who wish to speak to a Social Worker for immediate advice and guidance.


Every patient is allocated to a Consultant Psychiatrist who is the responsible medical officer for the client's treatment and is supported by junior doctors who are more routinely available.


A psychology service is available according to the needs assessment of the multi-disciplinary ward teams.


Physiotherapy carries the responsibility for assessment, treatment and maintenance of function, ability and mobility. The Department is staffed from 09.00-17.00, Monday to Friday. Individual treatments are given on the wards throughout the day. Staff are always happy to advise on shoes, wheel-chairs, armchairs and lifting techniques.


The X-Ray Department is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 09.30-13.00 for routine and emergency radiography, specialist work is carried out by Farnborough Hospital. A consultant Radiologist visits the Department regularly to report on films. Examinations are carried out at the request of medical staff only.


A dentist is on site Tuesday and Thursday only from 08.30-16.00, Ward staff will refer you.


The Chaplaincy Team consists of Anglican, Free Church and Roman Catholic Chaplains who visit wards regularly. Sick patients are visited on a daily basis by one of the Chaplains. A member of the Chaplaincy Team is on call and available to staff, patients and relatives, at any time day or night.

Sunday Services are held at 09.30 (Roman Catholic) and 14.15 (Church of England). There are also Ward Services. Any patient may request Communion in the Ward.

The Chaplaincy Team undertake to support patients as they leave the hospital and move back into the Community. The Chapel is open every day for private prayer.


Patients making insurance contributions have to submit a medical certificate promptly to their Employer. You should ask your Ward Manager for the necessary certificate. Send this to your place of employment as soon as possible after admission, stating your National Insurance Number, and completing your part of the certificate fully, or there may be some delay in the payment of benefits.

(a) Retirement, Ward and other pensions.

(b) Supplementary allowance for the Department of Health and Social Security.

If you are receiving a Pension or an Allowance, please bring your pension book to the Hospital and inform the Ward Manager. The Authority who pay you also require you to notify them of your admission, and your order book tells you how to do this.

If you have any difficulties, the Patients' Finance Officer, located in the Patients' Bank will be willing to advise you.


Your Doctor will probably be able to tell you beforehand when you will be well enough to go home. and if your condition warrants transport, this will be arranged for you.

Prior to your leaving the hospital it is very important you remember these points:

(a) Return any hospital property.

(b) Ask your Ward Manager to return any personal property or valuables you brought into the hospital.

(c) Give the Ward Manager your forwarding address. (d) To finalise arrangements for your follow-up treatment after you have left hospital and to make sure you understand these arrangements.

(e) If you run out of medication or have any side effects see your G.P.

(f) If you require any further information after your discharge or did not understand some points, telephone the Ward Manager.

We cannot help you unless you tell us if you have experienced or are experiencing any problems. We are always pleased to listen to any of your comments, suggestions and complaints, which we will then give careful consideration.

If you wish to make a formal complaint you may write to the Hospital Manager or your Ward Manager.

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