Kings Ward by Andrew Harrison 2003


"We are the NHS Trust that closed the last services at Cane Hill in 2008 (the medium secure unit)."

"At the time I interviewed one of the hospital Porters, Cliff Meredith. Cliff worked at Cane Hill all his life and was one of three porters to stay until the last day. He actually locked the doors of Cane Hill for the last time and handed the place over to a security firm. In 2008 I interviewed him as we prepared to leave the site. It was probably the most emotional and interesting interview I've ever done. Later that year I entered Cliff in for an NHS Heros award which he won."

"He's still working in the NHS, now At Bethlem Royal Hospital in Beckenham, Southeast London. I spoke to him and asked him how he would feel about me sharing his story with you and he was more than happy. On that note I attach a copy of the interview, his story could make a nice piece for your website. Really hope you can use it."

"Although Cane Hill came into my life in a professional capacity the place totally captivated me from the first time I went there. It was very odd to work on the site in those years between 1992 and 2008 when two little units sat in the corner and the rest of the place deteriorated."

"When the main site closed in 1992 most of the staff became part of what is now South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, so back in 2008 we set up a Cane Hill memory share collecting stories from the people that worked there. We ran a feature in our newsletter and have arranged to place a time capsule up at the chapel with everything in it."

"I don't want this stuff to be lost, it's sat on our intranet site for the last two years and I think now it's time for me to hand it all on to you."

"I hope you can use this to enhance your site."

March 2010

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