05/05/2002 Entry: "Views from Cane Hill Tower during the Eclipse

Finally, today, after pestering freewire for ages, I got a password to access my old site. You need to dial in through there account, so Ed did this for me. Once in, I asked what he could see on there, and he told me loads of files and a few subdirectories.

I told him to just delete it all, there wasn't anything important. After checking with me about 8 times, I think he was about to do it. Then, I thought, might as well check what was in the directory "private". I had no idea what was in there.... and the name private suggested that I didn't want anyone looking in there.

What is in there? Only all the pictures I took during the total solar eclipse several years ago. Me, Matt, and Ed, went up the water tower at Cane Hill to watch the moon move in front of the sun, and make it go dark in the middle of the day. Not that it was that spectacular.

Cane Hill, was however, amazing. Just look at the pictures - we will never see this view again.

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