20/04/2002 Entry: "Last Cane Hill Fire In Laundry (I think)"

I just got the Croydon Post throught the post, the Cane Hill fire article. It's got some random quotes in it, which are quite funny, but I can't be arsed typing the thing up at the moment; I will scan it later.

The picture shows the silhouette of the tower with a building roof burning behind it. You cannot see the incinerator chimney. This means that is was otherwise taken from the ramp leading up to the tower courtyard, or from the other side. It's pretty hard getting to the other side, because of the buildings and the fence.

So you have to assume that it was taken from the ramp, but it is taken from quite a height, including the top of the tower and the roof of the building on fire - and the ground down the ramp is a lot lower than the rest of the hospital.

It must have been an aerial platform (Simon Snorkel, big cherry picker) and a fireman that took it - that's all I can assume. I cannot think of anywhere else where you can get high enough to get the picture.

And if you line up the tower and chimney, you see that it must have been the laundry on fire. Oh well. At least we explored that part. It was one of the best though, with lots of remnants and things.

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