The Tenth Expedition

There wasn't really any purpose to this visit, and we didn't explore much except it was quite eventful. It was two days after the last expedition. I was with some different people, so the first thing I did was show them the corridor coming out of the boiler room for the tunnel. We then went into the tower area and soon noticed something was up. The laundry door hole was blocked up with wood and a metal gate from a trolley. The incinerator room was also blocked up in the same manner. They were fixed with large staples. A garage door was kicked in, and one of the doors just next to the tower was open. It looked as if they had been up to fix the damage caused by someone other than us. We left the area quickly after I had a quick peek in the open door, which led onto the wards. When passing the boiler room to go back, we noticed the panels we had removed only two days earlier were now nailed firmly shut, even though we had carefully replaced them. We quickly left.

Thinking about this later, two things seem strange. Firstly, someone professional had fixed the holes and stuff, but that door was open. Surely they wouldn't have bothered fixing a door that leads into an empty room and leave another one wide open. Secondly, the laundry door had the gate on the outside, and a piece of wood which could only have been put on from the inside. The only explanation I can think of for this is that the people fixing stuff had opened that door and were inside the hospital fixing doors and things. If so, we were pretty close to being caught.

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