The Third Expedition

This expedition was prompted by the lack of photos of the hospital, which I needed for the web site. So last Sunday (20/12/98), we went up there again. The temperature was approaching zero, and the weather was pretty crap. So, this time, with a convenient digital camera, we popped up to Cane Hill again. Parking at the back, we take the same route as always. Walking down the side of the wards, we see that more windows have been boarded up. One of the badly smashed wards has had a window blocked by wire mesh, since it was obviously a way into the hospital. There doesn't seem to be much more damage than there was before, but it all looks pretty much the same.

Coming up to the back of the boiler house, we see that the cage containing the gauges for the tanks has been smashed open. It still works though. The handles on the taps have also been removed, probably to stop people emptying them onto the public footpath.

Going onto the concrete out the front, I get a few more pictures. The digital camera is playing up because it is so cold, so we go for a little look round. The boiler house still seems pretty much sealed, although someone has pulled a door handle off the "Asbestos Warning" door. Pretty stupid considering it is a push door. Oh well.

Moving up towards the "barn", we take a quick look inside. A farmer is using the barn to store tractor equipment now. Not much to bother us really, it must be quite safe up there as a farmer wouldn't leave expensive equipment about if he knew it would get smashed.

The police tape is still stretched between the bushes, but it is now snapped in two. We move up towards the gate, looking to see if the door has been fixed. It doesn't look like it, but some more windows have been boarded up since we were last there. It does look much the same though.

That is until we look up at the top of the tower. Two rod aerials, four bar aerials and the Yagis. Erm, wasn't there four rod aerials, eight bar aerials and the Yagis? Ok. It's changed. It looks like they are decommisioning the site. Great, so this means that they probably have fixed the door, and they are taking all the equipment away. A good or a bad thing? It makes it a bit easier not getting caught, since it's less likely they'll have to fix it. But it also means that they'll probably be knocking it down soon. Great.

We don't bother jumping the gate. People are walking their dogs, it's very cold and it's getting dark, so it's not really worth it. We go down the path to the post mortem room. All the brambles and trees have been cut back. Why I don't know, as no-one wants to go down there, it leads to the laundry and not much else. The area in front of the post mortem room is still badly overgrown. A few more of the windows are broken, and an upturned bin sits there. It wasn't there before, but it provides a great photo opportunity of the horrible sinks. We don't hang about for long, this place gives us the creeps really badly.

Quickly going down towards the front, I take a few pictures of the signs. It's weird looking at these signs and thinking that people were working here only ten years ago. It's a bit of a shame that it's been vandalised and things like that, but it's too late now.

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