The Fourth Expedition

This will go down as one of the most pointless expeditions. It's Monday the 21st of December. I feel really ill for some reason. We go up there with two very bad torches. Walking down the side of the wards, we're a bit on edge because of the darkness. Birds keep on flying about in the trees, making us jump a bit. I keep on hearing rustling noises in the bush ahead, but I dismiss it as animals. The others feel like turning back, but I go on a few metres to the last corner before you reach the boiler house. Looking into the bushes where I heard the noises, I see a gap between two concrete posts leading into the hospital. I've never noticed that before. Suddenly a black shape moves in the and runs through the gap. I poo my pants, shout a lot and we all start to run bloody fast up towards the car. Well, at least we know that there are "dwellers" in the hospital. A bit scary if you ask me.

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