The Seventh Expedition

It was May 26th, and out intentions were to go up there quickly and take some pictures of the tunnels using an inverted tripod instead of a belt, as it would give much longer reach and more control. We drove up there, and made our entrance by the normal means. Quickly we had the drain lid off and set to work with the self timer. I took about 10 pictures of the tunnels in varying directions and angles, I'll just put the best few down here, some with the brightness up so the tunnel can be seen (that's why a lot of the pictures look washed out, due to the inadequate flash on the camera).

Away from the tower

Towards the tower

Away from the tower, the floor can be seen to drop away, I'm not quite sure how far or why. Towards the tower, the tunnel appears to curve around a bit, although it is too dark to tell really. Anyway, it is proper evidence of tunnels, as before they seemed to be a bit of an "urban myth". We were on a roll now, so we decided to uncover the entrance inside the nearby building. Moving the metal trolley and pallet was easy, then we had to move some big concrete blocks. It was worth it though, because underneath was a large entrance with step irons down the wall, going down a fair distance. The step irons felt dodgy though, so we opted for the dropping the camera down technique. It was too far to use the tripod, so it was lowered on a bit of string. None of the pictures came out though, because a draught was causing the camera to spin. That did mean, however, thant the tunnels lead somewhere else and weren't blocked. This new found entrance went off perpendicular to the other tunnels, and they did not appear to join up in any way.

Our new entrance

Anyway, we were happy with what we had done, and were going to come back for more. The tunnels becoming a reality have made it all seem more worthwhile, and the fact that the hospital will be knocked down this summer makes time a little bit shorter.

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