Other Things

Other people have been up there since then, not doing much except mindless vandalism. These developments of late show that perhaps the security isn't as bad as I once thought. Anyway, I think that it would be best if no one went up there for a while, just to let things calm down. We will go down the tunnels before the hospital is knocked down. We will find the electric shock therapy equipment. But not right now.

Anyway, during our explorations, we have found some good and not so good souveniers:

  • The patients gown, which is lying about waiting to be cleaned. It smells, but it is a good souvenier.
  • A doctor's notebook. It contains things about the therapy of various patients. I think it was supposed to be incinerated as it was found in the incinerator room.
  • Two old bell phones. I know one of them works, but it draws too much current to be used. It also has a flashing light on the handle, and I had to rewire it so the bell worked, so it was probably for a ward where they wouldn't want it ringin in the night.
  • A couple of signs about various things, like electric shock treatment and safety.
  • Various other bits and pieces. There are other things I want to go and get, like signs and old bits of equipment, but they are hard to move about without being noticed.

Well, that's really it for now. We will be going back, but exams and illness means that I'm not going to be doing it for a few weeks at least. If anyone else wants to come for an explore and think they can do it, then mail me at urbex@urbex.org.uk. Especially if you have climbing equipment, because we need some stuff to go down the tunnels and I also want to climb the chimney, or at least see someone do it. Oh, and mail me if you worked there or know anything about any of the unsolved mysteries.


This was a long time ago. So much had changed since we did all this. A lot more of the hospital was explored - ward blocks, the stores, kitchens, weird places. We've found things that are very scary and disturbing. We went into the bunker. We went into the social club. We watched the solar eclipse from the top of the tower. We never recorded it in the same way as you have already seen - but we still remember what has happened. Check it out in the new adventures of Cane Hill.

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