brighton road shelter (cane hill bunker) | deep shelter no. 4
Last update: 21|01|04
brighton road shelter (cane hill bunker)

A thumbnail of the plan - click on it for the full image

No date is given for this plan of Surrey County Council's Deep Shelter No. 4.

The full sized image can be seen by clicking on the plan above, whilst a blown up area is reproduced below.

Moving from right to left, the original plan was to:

  • Level the area at the front of the shelter for car parking.
  • Cut three entrances into the hill which would lead to the 'valley'. These entrances didn't line up with the tunnel entrances and provided blast protection for the tunnel entrances proper.
  • Cut five tunnels into the hill. Three would lead back the entire depth of the bunker, whilst the other two would be short latrine tunnels.
  • Five cross-tunnels would be dug.
  • A canteen would be dug right at the end of the centre long tunnel.
  • A ventilation shaft would be dug next to the canteen.
  • There was also a dug-out area labeled FAP. Looking at the plans of the Epsom Bunker (which use almost the same layout) this was the First Aid Post.
Overlaying a plan of the bunkers today (shown in yellow), the war-time ambitious schedule was not attained:

So what happened?

  • The three original entrances through the hill were never dug. The 'valley' was built by tipping spoil on both its sizes as the tunnels were dug.
  • Perhaps because offset entrances were not provided, dog legs were subsequently added to each tunnel entrance.
  • Only the centre tunnel was dug the entire depth of the bunker. It originally exited in the valley, with a separate tunnel continuing through to the car park. (The reason for suggesting this, is that the Optical Factory required this roofing over).
  • It isn't known if the latrine tunnels were dug - they are probably lying buried and undiscovered if they were.
  • Only two cross tunnels were dug - both in the wrong places.
  • The ventilation shaft and a First Aid Post spur were dug.
  • The canteen wasn't completed. However, a new spur was added to the north of the site, although this is labeled 'Sick Bay' in other plans.
In fact, whilst exploring the tunnels, it became obvious that they weren't finished.

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