hellingly hospital | east sussex asylum
Last update: 31|12|10
Hellingly Hospital

These pictures are from taken from Peter Aitkenheadís private archive and I am indebted to Peter for allowing me to post them here. Iíll publish the photographs in batches of ten before attempting to put them into some form of order. Unfortunately most are undated but Iíve added dates where theyíre given.


Boiler House
Figure 1: Boiler House

Hospital Bus
Figure 2: Hospital Bus outside the Administration Block

Building The Asylum
Figure 3: Building Works

Administration Block
Figure 4: Administration Block

Fire Brigade
Figure 5: Fire Brigade

Hospital Football Team 1930-1931
Figure 6: Hospital Football Team 1930-1931

Sports Club 1948-1949
Figure 7: Sports Club 1948-1949

H Station
Figure 8: H Station on the Hellingly Railway

Main Hall
Figure 9: Main Hall

Hellingly Station
Figure 10: Hellingly Station

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