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Last update: 16|03|06
rauceby virtual asylum

All the pictures in this section were taken by Mick Blankley on the 10th March 2006.

Engineering #1
View from the perimeter fence across Admin and towards the former Water Tower.

Engineering #2
The same view now from within the perimeter fence.

Engineering #3
The water tanks now lie abandoned near Admin. Most of the central core of the hospital has gone, and the Main Hall can be seen across the rubble.

Engineering #4
Now looking towards the Main Hall. The Kitchens and Main Store have all gone.

Engineering #5
This view shows how much of the inner core has gone forever. The hospital is now bisected.

Engineering #6
The remains of the Water Tower itself; now little more than a stump.

Rosemary/Wysteria #1
New roads and infrastructure have now started to appear around the hospital. This shot was taken from the site of the former Nurses' Home.

The Cresent #1
Demolition of the former staff houses around The Cresent has also been proceeding.

The Cresent #2
Final view of the reminants of The Cresent.

Rowan Ward #1
The demolition is almost complete at the northern tip of the hospital..

Rowan Ward #2
The former back door to Rowan Ward is now open to the elements.

Rowan Ward #3
The whole of the back of the hospital has now been demolished leaving just the wards fronting the airing courts.

Admin #1
The destruction can be clearly seen from this view towards Admin.

Chapel #1
And as these shots show, the Chapel has been secured.

Chapel #2

Chapel #3

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