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Last update: 17|08|04
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Engineering Courtyard - Original 1902 plan

Engineering Courtyard - Post 1930s plan

Engineering Courtyard #1: East
The doors to Engineering are on the right, the Coal Store is on the left. When the boilers were covered to oil, the tanks were installed in the old Coal Store

Engineering Courtyard #2: North East
Here we've passed the Coal Store. There's a WC in the tiny gap and the open door is the Pump House.

Engineering Courtyard #3: East
Inside the Pump House, this is marked on the 1902 plans as the Well. It would appear the well is still here, with water being pumped up and immediately treated with chemicals.

Engineering Courtyard #4: West
The rest of the Pump House is full of vats containing water treatment chemicals.

"Rauceby provided its own softened water right up to closure, although the salt used to do the softening sometimes got over used, salty tea yum; the only time mains water was accessed was when the fire alarms sounded and extra pressure was required, accessed I believe from the farm complex and somewhere near the bottom of The Crescent" - Steve

Engineering Courtyard #5: East
Moving further into the courtyard. On our left is the former Mess Room, the small modern window marks the location of two WCs, the originally open Bricklayers Shed has now been enclosed, the door to the left was originally the Plumbers and the door to the right was originally the Painters.

Engineering Courtyard #6: South East
To our right is a black corrugated iron building which doesn't appear on any plans (and I believe is the new Carpenters.) The door to the former Carpenters is oppsite.

"I was led to believe by one of the old timers who was about in the early NHS days when I was a student in the late 70’s, that the black corrugated iron building was the Nissan hut used by the NAFFI in the RAF Rauceby era. If you look on the B&W photo of RAF Rauceby you can see it in Mimosa ward courtyard on the female or west side of the hospital, it was moved to engineering at the start of the NHS era." - Steve

If you look at the RAF Rauceby photo, the Nissan hut can be seen by Mimosa ward and marked with an 'M' on the plans.

Engineering Courtyard #7: South
Engineering is to the right, a modern extension which only appears on the post 1930 plans (and inaccurately). However, it does look contemporary with the other buildings.

The windows are of a Boot Room (left) and Lavatory (right).

Engineering Courtyard #8: North
The former Mess Room is now a paint store.

Engineering Courtyard #9: North
Slightly different view of the paint store.

Engineering Courtyard #10: North
The former WCs and Bricklayer's Shed is now a kitchen.

Engineering Courtyard #11: North
The final part of the old Bricklayer's Shed had been converted into an anonymous room.

Engineering Courtyard #12: West
Looking back towards the Admin BlocK with Engineering on the left.

Engineering Courtyard #13: West
Looking west towards the Water Tower, the windows of the former Tailors and Cobblers can be seen on the left.

Engineering Courtyard #14
Looking up at the Water Tower. Deano (Bloom Demolition) smashed the upper window to let the pigeons out when he first scaled the water tower.

Engineering Courtyard #15
Now looking north to the converted Bricklayer's Shed. The ramps are to the fomer Painters and Carpenters.

Engineering Courtyard #16
South western corner of the Engineering Courtyard. Looking south towards the base of the tower.

Engineering Courtyard #17
The double doors of the corrugated iron hut.

Engineering Courtyard #18
The interior of the corrugated iron hut. I believe this was a Carpenters due the sawdust on the floor where a machine used to be located.

Engineering Courtyard #19
Broken louvers looking into Engineering.

Engineering Courtyard #20
The base of the water tower.

Engineering Courtyard #21
Looking up at the water tower.

"When I started there the fire alarm was provided by the old WW2 air raid siren up at the top of the tower, I heard stories of kids in nearby Quarrington being dragged indoors because the parents thought it was the escape alarm. Probably new people to the area maybe! Locals were quite used to Rauceby’s presence." - Steve

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