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Last update: 05|03|07
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Maple Courtyard: East
Looking east towards Maple Ward, originally designed by Hine for working patients. Despite a single bay window, the ward featured hardly any other decoration or elaboration.

Maple Courtyard: South
Above the corridor, the upper storeys of Sycamore ward can be seen. The modern extension to Hine's original extra bathroom can clearly be seen.

Maple Courtyard: North
In the northern part of the courtyard, a former patient's shelter had been converted into an aviary, behind which can be seen one of the corridors, the roof of the Boiler House (with its circular window) and the base of the Water Tower.

Maple Courtyard: North
Shot of the Water Tower.

Maple Courtyard: South West
A final shot looking towards the Attendant's Mess Room, the Officers Mess Room and the Head Attendants Sitting Room and the Ballroom.

"The small tree on the left hand side was planted as a memorial to a nurse who tragically died, I believe in a motor accident just outside the grounds, although I'm not certain of these details. older members of staff who worked there will remember." - Steve

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