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Orchard House was the crescent-shaped complex of buildings directly north of the main hospital complex. Built in the 1930s, it was the last part of the hospital to close. In 2012, the buildings were demolished as part of the site redevelopment.

All photographs and captions in this section are © Steve 2012.

Female Orchard House (Later Fernlea) TB Verandah

The Entrance From The Main Hospital Path To Female Orchard House

Rear View With The Horrible 1960s Add On

Male Orchard House Entrance

Male Orchard House TB Verandah

Male Orchard House TB Verandah Detail
Patients would be out there at all times of the year using wax cotton screens to keep the rain out.

Male Orchard House Entrance
Until closure this was the main entrance. The Guinea Pig Club Plaque" has been rescued and I believe is being housed at the Battle Of Britain flight hanger now.

Long Shot Of The Main Central Block

Wider Shot Of The Above

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