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Last update: 21|01|07
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The first floor of Maple was one of the sparcest in the hospital, being little more than a dormitory above the ground floor Day Room. These Working Patient wards appear to be unique to Rauceby; both in their positioning (within the hospital corridors) and the facilties provided (no attendents, only one single room, poorly positioned water closets and lavatories).

Main Stairs: West
On the first landing was a doorway to a lavatory; again this was unique. As Hine had to place the toilets and wash basins in odd locations on the ground floor, he was forced into providing toilets and sinks going up the stairwell - hardly the best design.

Sinks:South East
There was little more in this room than the sinks.

Stairs: South
Coming up the stairs revealed the ward toilet on the same floor as this ward - this occupied the space above the Store Room below.

Stairs: East
Finally we came to the ward itself.

Dormitory: South
The first floor of Maple was nothing more than a dormitory - a rather bleak room with views to the east and west over the hospital buildings.

Dormitory: North
Looking back along the ward revealed a little more; a lone Single Room to the left, and a lone Store Room to the right; the door from the stairs was on the right.

Store Room: West
The area above the Kitchen below was taken up with this store room; obviously for clothes and other personal items owned by the patients.

Back Stairs: South
When we exited the ward, we were on a landing. This was above the main corridor, and the door opposite lead into Willow.

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