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Last update: 13|10|06
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Administration First Floor - Based on the 1902 plan

I don't have any plans of the first floor of the asylum, so I created the map above from the 1902 plan, moving doors and windows to new positions based on my exterior and interior photographs.

Unfortunately this means I don't know the original names and usages of these rooms. They've simply been numbered instead.

The first five numbered rooms match the ground floor plan, with room #3 above the Hall/Lobby.

Rooms #6 and #7 occupy the area above the Porter's Room.

And Rooms #8 and #9 are situated above the Pathological Room and the Assistant Medical Officer's Room.

Stairs: South
The staris lead to a short landing (beneath which is the Dark Room before splitting; the two rooms further south are above the Pathological and the Assistant Medical Officer's Office.

Stairs: North
The view of the staircase north, towards Admin.

The Coal Store is beneath this flight of stairs.

Corridor: South
This was the small corridor above the two rooms below. The room to the right is above the Pathological room, and the room at the end corresponds to the Assistant Medical Officer's Office.

These rooms are documented first.

Room #8: North West
This room had only one window. It had been stripped completely. It was probably an office, but it's original use is unknown.

Room #8: North East
Same room; different angle.

The odd thing about this room, and you can see this clearly from outside, is that Hine gave it only one window - not two. There must have been a good reason for this, because it gives the building an odd external appearance.

Room #9: North West
This room also saw its last days as an office. Its floorplan matched the Assistant Medical Officer's Office below.

Room Above AMO's Office: North East
Same room; different angle

Administration Corridor: East
The doors on left correspond to the rooms above the Hall/Lobby, the Clerk's Office and the Superintendent's Office. The door at the end was a toilet (above the toilet on the ground floor). The two rooms to the right occupy the space above the Porter's Office.

Stairs: South
This was the view of the entire stairway from the Administration Corridor.

Administration Corridor: West
And finally a shot to the west showing the doorway into the room above the Committee Room.

Room #1: East
The room matched the floorplan of the Committe Room below, but lacked any of the decoration e.g. no wood paneling.

Room #1: East
The fireplace had been robbed out, but treasures could still be found if you looked - the thin plywood veneer being ripped from the door explosing the original, much nicer, wood.

Room #2: South
This looked like some sort of dispensary, given the large hatch in the door.

A glass partition separated the room from its other half.

The decoration was sparce, limited to wood paneling.

Room #2: North
The rest of the room was similarly bare, but there was a door in the partition (which we took).

Room #3: South
The room on the other side of the parititon shared the same wood paneling.

You can see across the Administration Corridor and into Room #7 from here.

Room #3: North
The view north looked out over the trees directly in front of the asylum.

Room #4: South
This room was bare and completely stripped. It offered no clues.

Again, you can just see into Room #6 across the corridor from here.

Room #4: North
Nothing left apart from the hole in the wall where the fireplace was stripped out.

Room #5: South West
Again, the fireplace was long gone. A large room of impressive proportions, this would've been used by someone of importance (it was directly above the Superintendent's Office.

Room #5: North East
The bay window and side window gave excellent light - and an excellent view of the comings and goings of everyone visiting the asylum.

Toilet: East
The facilities upstairs were in the same location as those downstairs; but lacked the elegant mosaic floor.

Room #6: South
This room occupied the same space as the Porter's Room below. There were no clues of its previous or current use.

Room #6: South East
I believe the building you can see outside was the former Bakery.

Room #7: South
This room occupied the same space as the Administration Corridor below. There were no clues of its previous or current use.

Room #7: Fireplace
It was one of the few rooms in the Administration BlocK to kept its original cast-iron fireplace - definintely worth a picture.

Staircase: North
A final shot going down the staircase back onto the ground floor of the Administration Block - the mosaic floor can be clearly seen here.

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