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Southern core - Original 1902 plan

Southern core - Post 1930s plan

Hine's designs for the ballroom included the rather extravagant addition of two dressing rooms (presumably male and female), each equipped with its own en-suite toilet. It's not surprising this feature didnít survive the lifetime of the hospital, with all the rooms being converted to new uses. The southern area became the hospital's new chapel after the drought of 1976 caused the original chapel to subside.

The Assistant Medical Officer and Head Nurse had their quarters here, sensibly placed close to their respective sick and infirm wards. This was a careful design decision made by Hine, ensuring that the most feeble and ill were closest to help at all hours of the day and night.

The conservatory is a mystery. It's not mentioned in contemporary records of the building's construction nor does it appear on Hine's original plans. Therefore it appears to be a later addition, appearing before the 1930s.

Corridor #1: West
Looking back along the corridor which leads through the eastern side of the hospital and runs behind the echelon wards of Rowan, Cedar and Hazel

Corridor #1: North
The view north heads into the heart of the hospital passing various staff rooms (such as the Attendant's Day Room and Officer's Mess on the right with some of the rooms of the Kitchens on the left).

The reflections on the floor were not due to its polished surface; the skylights had all been smashed and the rain was getting in.

Corridor #1: West
The western corridor divided the Ballroom and Kitchens (the blue painted walls of the latter can be seen).

Corridor #1: South
The southern corridor skirts the east end of the Ballroom. The blue sheeting was installed by the asbestos removers.

Corridor #2: South
A better composed shot of the picture above.

Corridor #2: West
This is the door to the area under the stage of the Ballroom.

Corridor #3: West
The drop into the area under the stage can be seen in this shot. There was a wooden stairway which lead into this area; you can just see the bannister on the left.

Under The Stage #4: South West
The area under the stage was used as a general storage area. Spare glass diffusers for the hospitals incandescent light fittings were stored here along with other electrical bits and pieces.

Under The Stage #5: South
Moving further south and into a second area under the stage. Again, this was a general storage area with paint, electrical items and empty boxes thrown around.

Under The Stage #6: South
Moving further into the area underneath the stage.

Under The Stage #6: East
Turning right at the end simply reveals a stack of fluorescent light fittings. There's nothing else under here and no other ways out.

Room #7: North East
The first former dressing room has been converted into this rather anonymous room. Interestingly there's a hatch leading through to the corridor to the north.

Room #7: South West
The other side of the room is equally anonymous. Note the view across the corridor through to the door under the stage.

Room #8: West
The next room south, which is in gap between the original two dressing rooms, is equally south. However, given the sink and the small doorway leading to the next room (which was the new chapel) then perhaps this was the Vestry?

Room #9: South
The two stained glass windows have been completely (and rather untidily) removed.

Room #9: West
And the third, smaller stained glass window has also been removed. Note the entrance to the Vestry towards the left of the shot.

The original stained glass window can be seen here.

Corridor #10: North
Now back in the main corridor network, so shot up the corridor towards the main bulk of the hospital. The door to the right is the one leading into the Chapel.

Corridor #10: West
The view west shows the corridor flanking the Ballroom. The first door on the right leads up to the stage whilst the second leads into the Ballroom itself.

Corridor #11: South
This door, and small corridor, leads into the Assistant Medical Officer's quarters.

Corridor #12: East
The front door of the Assistant Medical Officer's quarters.

Corridor #13: West
The corridor of the the Assistant Medical Officer's quarters with two doors leading to separate sitting rooms on the left, the kitchen at the end and a toilet and bath to the right.

The stairs had gone (there was now an exterior metal stairway outside). It looks like the quarters were divided into two separate flats at some point in the past.

Sitting Room #14: South East
A view into the first sitting room.

Sitting Room #14: South West
And the other side of the bay window from within the room itself.

Room #15: South West
The second sitting room was the same size as the first. One of these rooms probably became a bedroom when the quarters were divided up into two flats.

Room #15: North West
A final shot across this room showing the modernised fireplace.

Room #15: North
And the view north, looking through the open door, across the corridor, and into the bathroom.

Bathroom #16: North
The flat's large bathroom.

Kitchen #17: West
The small kitchen of the flat which has a great view of the Conservatory outside.

Ballroom Stage #18: North
The door to the stage simply reveals the side of the stage itself. A stairway leads up to the right and the metal bannister can just be seen.

Toilet #19: South
The entrance to the toilet on the south side of the corridor.

Conservatory #20: South
A door here leads into the large elegant conservatory.

Conservatory #21: South
Southern view across the conservatory towards Matron's garden.

Conservatory #21: North
The view across the conservatory back up towards the Ballroom and the rest of the hospital.

Conservatory #21: Roof
Detail of the conservatory's roof.

Ballroom #22: North
As the Ballroom was photographed during one of my previous explorations of the hospital, I only took a few shots this time.

View north across the Ballroom and towards the Kitchens.

Ballroom #22: South
The view south across the Ballroom looking towards the Conservatory.

Ballroom #22: West
The ballroom as seen from the stage.

Ballroom #22: North
The view north across the stage. The bannister to the exit down to the Kitchen Corridor can just seen.

Ballroom #23: North West
The view down the stairway towards the exit out into the Kitchen Corridor.

Corridor #24: North West
We're now back to the corridor between the Conservatory and the Ballroom. This is the western section of the corridor.

Toilets #25: South
The view south into the other toilet.

Corridor #26: East
A final view of the corridor between the Ballroom and the Conservatory.

Corridor #27: North
The view north along the short interconnecting corridor into the former Head Nurse and Housekeeper's quarters.

Room #28: South
A short into the first sitting room.

Room #29: South
And a shot into the second sitting room.

Corridor #30:North
Again, like the AMO's quarters, the former Head Nurse and Housekeeper's quarters was divided up into a ground floor and top floor flats (with a new exterior staircase replacing the one inside).

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