rauceby virtual asylum | what remains: 2010
Last update: 27|10|10
rauceby virtual asylum

"It is with utter fascination I have been viewing the Rauceby Virtual Asylum website. I have lived in Sleaford all my life and in Febuary 2010 I moved into to Greylees. We did the deal last October but have been looking at the website since we signed up."

"What a fantastic, forbidding place this is. I had an X-ray there as a small child and can recall the brown tiles vividly but little else. In the 70ís and early 80ís my uncle used to be a porter and grounds man and my wife works for the NHS so I feel linked to the old place. During a foray in the orchard I took a few up to date pictures for you. You canít really get any closer and itís probably not a good idea and I can see proximity sensors on some of the walls. Still looks in good order, a new road is under way now to the Chapel and bricks and tiles have been removed and stored."

"Any great site, a vital piece of history going fast." - Mark

All photographs in this section are © Mark 2010.

administration: exterior: view south
The Administration Block is still complete and now within a perimeter fence. All windows have been boarded up.

chapel: exterior: view south-west
Likewise the Chapel has been similarly boarded up and enclosed in fencing.

administration: exterior: view west
This shot across the back of the Administration Block shows how the building was separated from the rest of the hospital and now stands alone.

exterior: a ward
All the echelon wards are still standing but all interconnecting corridors have been demolished. All the windows have also been boarded up awaiting conversion. Internally all the buildings have been stripped and are now just brick shells.

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