warley hospital | aerial shots
Last update: 02|02|06
Warley Hospital

Looking East: Circa 1920
In the foreground, with the curved drive, is D Block (1870). Behind this is St. Raphael's Chapel (1889). Further back still is F Block (1888). All of this, bar the Chapel, has now been demolished. The north side (male patients) of the original building of 1853 can be seen at the top right of the picture.

Looking Northwest: Pre-development 1999
This colour picture clearly shows the imposing Main Building along with the equally massive F Block.

Looking Northwest: September 2002
The extent of the new developments can be clearly seen here. Everything has been swept away except for the Main Building and Chapel. This was the state of the asylum when I first urbexed it.

Looking East: Date Unknown
This undated shot gives an excellent view of the two main hospital blocks.

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