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Warley Hospital

Brentwood's Warley Hospital has been aquired by City & Country Group, the Stanstead-based restoration and conversion specialist.

Planning permission has not yet been applied for and the compnay is working on the planning brief with Essex County Council's conservation department, English Heritage and Brentwood's planning authorities.

The former hospital was built in the early 1950s and has an interesting collection of Victorian buildings, including three water towers, an integral church, two outside 'privies' and a clock tower complete with original clock workings and a large stone pendulum.

In addition to the elegant convesion of these historical buildings, City & Country Group will also be building a range of high-quality homes overlooking the 'airing courts' - outdoor areas where patients were taken to benefit from the fresh air. The company plans to restore all six of the courts at Warley Hospital to their former glory.

Essex Life Magazine
November 2003

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