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Warley Hospital

basement #1
general orientation

General view of the basement

Basement #1 from the 1853 plan (coloured)

basement #1
detailed pictures

This large workshop was located under the northern wing of the Administration Block. The ground was uneven and sloped away eastwards; so the architects added these areas under the main wards and Administration.

basement: interior: view north-west
As the ground sloped away to the east, the architects were able to fit a small basement under the northern lip of the Administration Block. No expense was spared and its shared the vaulted brick ceilings, elegant decorative metal framed windows and red and black tiles found in other forgotten parts of the complex.

basement: interior: view north-west (detail)
The area had been used as a workshop and the smell of oil and grease still lingered in the air. This was the only clue of its function as everything else had been cleared.

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