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Warley Hospital

basement #2
general orientation

General view of the basement

Basement #2 from the 1853 plan (coloured)

basement #2
detailed pictures

The uneven ground led to some strange scenarios where an innocent door along a ground floor corridor would lead directly unto a subterranean space under a ward. These places were unfurnished, unplastered and unlit.

Asbestos warning signs and breathing masks suggested asbestos removal was occurring so I didnít venture further.

back corrdior: view north
The door to one of the asylums more expanse basements could be found in a small anonymous back corridor by ward #2.

basement: view north-west
These basements sloped upwards, following the natural incline of the ground towards the ridge the asylum was originally constructed on. The ceiling was level and formed the ground floor of the ward above.

basement: view north-west (detail)
The brick arches and vaults were painted white but this did little to increase the little light in this gloomy and dark place.

basement: view east
The basement sloped away to the east. Asbestos removal was ongoing here and so I didnít venture further.

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