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Last update: 23|08|10
Warley Hospital

main corridor
general orientation

General view of the main corridor

The main corridor from the 1853 plan (coloured)

main corridor
detailed pictures

The main corridor, the gallery of communication, stretched from one side of the asylum to the other. It was the only direct route between the male and female halves of the hospital and connected all the major blocks of the buildings.

It was extremely narrow for such an important thoroughfare. Water and electrical supplies were routed under its pitched roof.

main corridor: view north
The northern end of the corridor terminated in this arched doorway which led into ward #3.

main corridor: view south
The narrow corridor stretched southwards along most of the back of the main asylum buildings. It was particularly narrow for such a major route and boards had been fitted at trolley height so protect the walls from errant trolleys and wheelchairs.

main corridor: view south
The corridor was long enough to reveal the uneven ground on which the asylum was constructed.

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