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Last update: 23|08|10
Warley Hospital

general orientation

General view of the entrance to the ECT rooms

ECT from the 1853 plan (coloured)

detailed pictures

The ECT suite compromised a modern extension of several rooms adjacent to the main corridor.

It wouldn’t have been identified as the ECT rooms if it wasn’t for the remaining signage.

ect: view north-east towards corridor
The ECT suite was a modern brick extension built onto the western side of the main Gallery Of Communication. The rooms themselves were completely stripped but extant signage gave clues as to their use.

The first room was empty and there was a large viewing window into the adjacent room.

ect: view south-west
The adjacent room was likewise completely empty.

ect: view north-east
The viewing window of the first room simply looked into the second room which was even smaller.

ect: view north-east
Further rooms led off from the central core of the ECT suite but, again, they were completely empty and there was nothing left to determine function.

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