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Photographic Factory

interior photographs
south spur

Window and hatch of room S10.

The southern spur was deliberately non-functional. It had no darkrooms, no labs and no huge ducts clinging to the ceiling which wormed their way through the infrastructure.

This made this wing unique within the building and yet it formed a more humanistic function than the relentless photo-processing-line of the east and west wings: it had its own small offices, a large debriefing room, toilets and what appeared to be a recreation room.

Plan of the southern side of the building.

south spur
detailed pictures

corridor sc1: view south from norther doors
If you entered the photographic factory from what seems to be the main entrance the double doors in the northern facade of the building then this is your immediate view. The door to room W13 disappears into its little barricaded storeroom to the right but its the rest of the corridor which draws the eye.

corridor sc1: moving southwards into the southern wing
The design of the building is somewhat sloppy here. The three main corridors meet for each spur yet the southern corridor has a somewhat bloated width, suddenly narrowing for the spur itself and leaving an odd alcove. This was pressed into use as a claustrophobic cloak room (note coat hooks).

room s1: view north
Room S1 should belong in the western spur as its the start of the document-passing-daisy-chain to rooms W12 and W11. It was included in this spur due to S2 which could only be accessed via this room. It also shared a strange enclosed doorway (along with W12) along with a hatch to the main corridor. A high level window on the eastern wall allowed light to stream in from the northern entrance.

"...Hitting that main crossroad in the corridors, the far right hand corner was the reception type main office." - Chris Player

room s1: view south
The room was also lit by a narrow window on its western flank. This was tiny but light streamed in from the courtyard beyond.

room s1: view south-west
This shot shows both the tiny window and the hatch into room W12.

room s2: view south
Room S2 was completely dark (which is why the metal thieves missed the truncated radiator on the wall). This radiator also stood under the bricked up remains of a western window.

room s3: view west
Room S3 was a short corridor which led straight out onto the loading bay. It was obviously designed to allow goods to be loaded directly into the southern spur.

room s4: view west
Room S4 also opened into the loading bay but given its wider dimensions, and the barricaded window, was used to store goods for the facility.

"The corridor that led straight across and then goes down a few steps is where the crew room was located, this was on the right and had a door opening to the outside. Many a game of cards or Uckers was played here during tea breaks." - Chris Player

female toilets: view west
The female toilets were the next complex of rooms in the western side of the southern spur. What remains of the sinks and a cubicle (in a separate room) were smashed and destroyed. Only the sink mounts and tiled splash-back remain.

female toilets: view west
The main communal area of the female toilets were also smashed.

male toilets: view north.
The three cubicles of the male toilets matched those in the female toilets in the preceding room. To the right of the shot can be seen the remains of the urinals. A separate cubicle stood to the south.

room s5: view west
Room S5 was behind a serving hatch which formed the back wall of the main entrance.

room s6: view west
Room S6 was a small office but nothing remained to hint at its original use. (This room had been derelict for years as the fluorescent light fitting took tubes with bayonet fittings which had been out of production for decades. It goes without saying that some berk had smashed it).

room s7: view north
The end of the corridor opened out into one of the largest and lightest rooms in the entire complex.

room s7: view west
Room S7 was some form of debriefing room. Four south facing windows allowed the light to stream in whilst two banks of parallel fluorescent lights ensured the room was well lit. The light against the (western) wall was angled to illuminate a display on the wall.

Given that the main entrance was just around the corner and this room was the furthest from the actual chemical processing activities themselves (confined to the west and east wings of the building) then, perhaps, this room served as an exhibition, debriefing or general meeting room for visiting dignitaries.

room s8: view east
Room S8 was almost a mirror of room S6. (Complete with smashed light fitting, peeling paint and encroaching plants).

main doors: view east
I believe this was the main entrance to the building (and not the double doors on the northern facade). The exterior was slightly more decorated (see the exteriors) whilst these doors led to the main debriefing room, coat hooks were provided and a serving hatch stood opposite.

corridor sc1: view north from the main doors
The whole complex was built into a slight hill which became more pronounced the more southerly one progressed. This required several steps to be built into the corridor at its base, but room S7 still towered over the perimeter path thanks to the gradient of the slope.

recreation room: view south
This room had a completely different feel to every other room in the photographic factory. With its multiple doors, black painted woodwork, cupboards and even a stand for a television set, this room earned its nickname of the "recreation room."

room s9: view east
Room S9 was a large office located due north of the "recreation room." Wooden remains on the walls suggested there was a large table but there were no further clues as to its purpose.

room s10: view east
Room S10 was smaller. A small hatch connected it with Room S11 which was its neighbour to the north. Little remained, not even the light fitting.

room s11: view east
Room S11 was a tiny office in the northernmost part of the southern wing. Its single window looked out onto the eastern flank of the building. Nothing remains expect the small hatch connecting it with its southern neighbour.

corridor sc1: view south
The final shot shows the corridor running down the southern spur with the single offices and recreation room on the left, and the toilets and corridors to the courtyard on the right. The debriefing room, S7, is at the far end.

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