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interior photographs

Alternative shot of Plant Room #1 looking south-west.

Here lie the rejected shots which were simply too good not to publish. The arty, posed, dressed, well-lit and nicely composed shots are all present in this small collection. However, they werenít included in the other sections as they failed to illustrate the building in some way.

Plan of the entire building.

detailed pictures

room w10: view north-west
A cluster of weirdly angled pipes stood awkwardly in room W10. Although effective at drawing the eye and weirdly interesting, this shot across the front windows of the room failed to illustrate its size or configuration.

room w11: view south
The lone chair in room W11 offered something to work with and was the subject of several shots. The appearance of the southern spur of the building through the window was an unexpected bonus. However, the photo was taken at a crazy angle and didnít show the narrow nature of the room.

room w11: view south-west
Hereís another picture of the now famous chair. Again, this shot relegated to the pure-art bucket as it didnít quite work.

plant room #1: view south-west
I dragged the lone chair into the centre of the room to add a little bit of interest, and some scale, to the empty Plant Room #1. In the end I used my original photographs of this room with the chair left in its original position by the wall.

room w12: view west
There were some great angles here (helped by the hanging fluorescent light) and contrasts between the low-angled sun and the lengthening shadows. And I wouldíve used this picture if I hadnít cropped off the left side of the far wall.

plant room #1: view west
This similar shot to the previous one was rejected for the same reasons. A pity as the light was perfect in the southern facing rooms of the building on this day.

room e5: view north
This shot looking out of the window of Room E5 was mostly too dark and didnít really add anything to the story of the building.

room e7: view west
The glorious sunlight was also easy to pick up in the large south facing rooms of the eastern spur. Apparently this green paint was also used on the main base itself. But I already had several other good pictures of this room, which is why this shot was rejected.

room e8: view west
Another shot of one of the most photographed rooms, and another shot rejected as I had so many to choose from.

room s7: view south
I had a shot of the four southern windows of Room S7 from the outside and so tried to photograph the opposite direction. It didnít really work as it was too dark.

room s10: view north
The obligatory "Nature Reclaims" shot. Whilst this clearly shows off the hatch of Room S10, it fails to give any indication of the size of the room, so it was ultimately rejected.

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