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Last update: 25|02|11
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interior photographs
plant rooms

Alternative shot of Plant Room #1 looking south-west.

The Plant Rooms occupied the southernmost part of the western spur of the building. Isolated from the rest of the complex - access was only via external doors - these rooms housed the boilers and pumps which supplied the hot water to heat the buildings; and the extraction fans which sucked the chemically sodden air in the darkrooms through the buildings and out into the open.

Unfortunately nothing remained of any of the plant. It had all been removed leaving two, large empty rooms.

Plan of the western side of the building with plant rooms to the south.

plant rooms
detailed pictures

plant room #1: view north-east
Nothing remained in the western plant room except the raised dais for the heavy plant which was connected directly to the chimney.

A lone door offered access to the eastern half of the plant room.

plant room #1: view south-west
This view shows the rest of the western plant room along with the double doors which were the only access.

plant room #2: view east
Not much else remained in the second plant room except another raised dais and bricked enclosures.

plant room #2: detail of small room
The first small brick enclosure simply included a vent into the main photographic factory. There was no other access other than this small window.

plant room #2: view south-east
The rest of the room was dominated by the filter room; a brick spur which included racks for various air filters.

plant room #2: view south-west
A single door allowed access into the filter area itself.

plant room #2: view west
The filters could be pulled out and changed here. The air was sucked from the outside world (via the window to the left) and through the filter bank on the right.

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