explorations | 2006

This is a handy log of my explorations, ranging of one-off visits to small installations, through to multiple visits to large sprawling areas (the later which forms the basis of the project section of this website). It breaks it all down into handy "Day Trip" activities, a dossier of what can be seen in one day, and fun for all the family.

My diary of urban exploration if you like.

Which brings me onto another point. Some of these sojourns were simply recces, designed to scout potential targets out before attempting infiltration with a team (Severalls and Warley are high on the list to visit). Some were interesting in themselves (such as setting the scene at Cane Hill or discovering what was at Rauceby) but it you wanted the excitement, musty interiors and broken toilets, then youd be disappointed.

Others were complete and utter disasters. The first return trip to Rauceby was an excellent example of things going completely wrong. I included it here to point out that urban exploration can be a frustrating exercise at times.

So, Ive implement a handy scale so if you want the get to the fun stuff quickly then you can just select and click:

Recce. Scene setting stuff. No internal explorations.
Limited access but mostly walking around in the rain outside.
Full infiltration. Access all areas.

Netherne 14|01|06 (With Mr E)
Something rather different to start the year; finding the long lost cemetery of the former Netherne asylum.

Drakelow 21|01|06 (With Phil) Demolished/Redeveloped in 2006
And another entirely new one; checking out the Drakelow power station.

Leybourne Grange 11|02|06 (With Smorgy)
Another new location. We took the press urbexing around a former mentally handicapped colony: Leybourne Grange

Chapels Of Warley Demolished/Redeveloped in 2006
A previously unpublished set of photographs illustrates the changes in patient numbers through the use, and number, of its chapels.

Harperbury 01|05|06 (With Marlon)
Again, we ventured out to a brand new location. This was the second mentally handicapped colony we visited this year, the partly closed Harperbury

Napsbury 01|05|06 (With Marlon)
On the way back from Harperbury, we took a look at Napsbury to see what remained.

Ditchingham Maltings 13|05|06 (With Major Tom)
This was one of Major Tom's favourite places, a large, looming derelict maltings plant near Great Yarmouth. And doubly famous for its flock of wild chickens.

Severalls | Ditchingham Maltings 03-04|06|06 (with The BBC)
The BBC called. Would I be happy filming for Inside Out? A story of the shoot, the outcome and the ramifications of dealing with the media.

Pyestock 24|06|06 (With Major Tom)
Our first trip was fraught with the usual worries: Would we get caught? Would we get in? Would we be able to find the place?

St Lawrence's, Bodmin 11|11|06 (With Dave)
Whilst on holiday in the west country, it made sense to take a look at St. Lawrences. Mostly overlooked by the urban exploration scene at the time, this recee revealed an extensive collection of unused buildings.