croxley green to watford | the goldilocks triumvirate: just right

I first saw this urban walk on Sam's Nobodythere website. Iíd been on my fair share of ex-railway rambles before, but these were little more than elevated paths on Beechingís axed railways. The intervening forty years had seen the infrastructure stripped, leaving the odd telegraph pole or concrete marker to signal the lineís previous use.

But this walk was different and I was inspired to do it after seeing Samís pictures. This line closed in the 1990s, leaving behind a clutch of small stations and the track-bed. The station liveries, the up-to-date signage and modern lighting created an impression of a post-apocalyptic wasteland rather than the quaint railway footpaths of the Beeching cuts.

Entrance to Croxley Green Station from Watford Road. View west. © Simon Cornwell 2009

Detail of notice board and entrance gate. © Simon Cornwell 2009