croxley green to watford | the goldilocks triumvirate: just right

Technically the line was still open and tickets could still be purchased for any of the stations along the abandoned tracks. If you did, then you were picked up by a bus and ferried to Watford Station where you could continue your journey by rail.

This absurd situation was conjured up by British Rail avoiding the special powers required (along with exhaustive expensive red-tape, public consultations and legal matters) required to formally close the stations. It was easier to run down the service, and offer the alternative bus, than actually close the stations for good.

So in 1996, the gates were locked for the last time at the three stations, and British Rail hired a bus. The railway line was then left to be reclaimed by nature.

Stairs leading up to the station from road level. View south. © Simon Cornwell 2009

Detail of the overgrown stairway. © Simon Cornwell 2009