cane hill | the strange case of the mysterious basement

We were returning from our exploration of the Administration Block, walking the western corridor flanking the chapel. The mood was calm and collected; the site appeared to be quite deserted despite our reservations that Squibb’s demolition workers or security guards would pounce on us at any moment.

Our attention was now focused on the wards on the western side of the hospital. But walking up the corridor, and not tempted by the denists and X-Ray rooms which had occupied us during our initial walk down, I happened to look out into a tiny courtyard to my left. It was overgrown and unkempt. And then I remembered Keith’s mysterious basement.

“Hang on.”

My colleagues paused, wondering why I’d decided to dive into this nondescript space. As I battled the Buddleia, I saw a railing guarding a sheer drop alongside the northern wall. I pressed on and was soon standing at the edge, looking down at the two dark windows Keith had photographed all those years ago.

“Guys, what do you make of this?”

Northwestern side of area adjacent to 24:G46 and 24:G47. The facing wall is corridor C16. © Simon Cornwell 2008