cane hill | the strange case of the mysterious basement

Marlon peered down to the dark windows. “A basement? But there are no stairs around here.”

Everyone’s curiosity was piqued. It was agreed that the only way to find out what was down there was for someone to climb down, enter the mysterious basement and find a way back up.

In the end Major Tom nimbly stood astride the railings and then climbed down into the hole below. Luckily the windows were unlocked and Tom was able to coax one open. He then disappeared from view into the gloom.

“What’s in there?”
“A room. Hang on, there’s a door.”

We heard the squeak as the door was slowly opened. The noises became fainter as Tom moved further into the darkness. After a wait of about a minute, he reappeared.

“There’s a door to the outside, but there’s nothing but rubble outside.”

There was only one part of the hospital near this basement reduced to rubble. We left the courtyard, entered the corridor network, and pushed our way out into the shell of the main hall.

Looking down (in a northwest direction) at the windows below corridor C16. © Simon Cornwell 2008