cane hill | grand tour

Hereís the other room over the top of the Tailorís. Having run out of pink by now, and with the interior designer running low on depressing green and utilitarian cream, he/she opted for this two-colour scheme.

Despite my earlier observations about the roof at Cane Hill (see my Walk Around The Perimeter), it is clear that a little bit of precipitation has got in here.

To be honest, Iíve forgotten why I took this photo. It just looks like a drab room - but after the crazy pink and orange schemes of the Tailorís, I think my mind was becoming a little unhinged.

As was Cane Hillís geography. We walked to the end of this room and then explored some toilets and bathrooms, corridors and small rooms to the south. And we then found some rickety, saggy stairs and took them down to emerge on the wrong side of the main corridor.


It turned out that the second floor was built over the corridor. And, I mean, literally built. For example the corridor still has its pitched tiled roof. Over which has been built the second floor weíd just explored. Weird.

Anyway, we continued down to a four-way junction. To our left, the wards of Zachary/York. In front of us, the wards of Wren/Wesley. And to the south, the corridor sloped around to visit all the wards on the east side.