cane hill | grand tour

After looking around the Tinsmiths, we made our way back into the Tailorís conservatory.

Whilst the main area of the Tailorís was painted a lovely pink, this area was painted a lovely orange. I used the term Ďlovelyí with heavy sarcasm intended.

But still, this wouldíve been a wonderfully sunny room with these elegant, and functional, Victorian windows - a pity that the view was the Tin Smiths and the coal store.

I particularly liked the slopping cast iron beams, giving the room the impression of sliding into the ground. I do hope thatís how it was designed - and that it isnít structurally falling over.

Tippy toes across the dodgy floor we found some dangerous looking stairs. And we did the only thing urban explorers would - we took them up to the second floor.